Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

We stand by those who are fighting for justice against police brutality in the US. Furthermore, we stand in solidarity with those who fight against racism, inequality and injustice across the globe on a daily basis.

We have a duty to be actively anti-racist. We must continue to read, listen, discuss and educate ourselves on racism, systemic racism and white privilege.

Let’s keep this momentum.

We have compiled a list of resources, charities and petitions below that we have found helpful…

‘Black people, racism and human rights’ – Eleventh Report 2019-2021.

Report by House of Commons and House of Lords. Findings: the UK is institutionally racist. Read here.


BARAC: Updates on how you can help support the families facing deportation plus loads more. Follow here.
Galdem’s Resources here
Petition here
Learn about it here

Black History Month

“I appreciate that Black History Month is necessary at the moment, but the ideal situation is that there wouldn’t need to be one.”

“Black History also needs to be integrated into wider topics, not just in history and not just for one month.”

Young BLM Activists on Black History Month – Read here.

‘Ten Black History events that should be taught to every pupil’ – Read here

Dub London: Bassline of a City

An exciting new display celebrating dub reggae in the capital (Museum of London until 31 January) – Watch here / Book here

The Sounds of Croydon

From Samuel Coleridge-Taylor to Stormzy. Online Exhibition here.

Ignatius Sancho

The first person of African descent to cast a vote in the British Election – Read here

 Gaika – Flight Recorder Installation 

Housed in one room of St Barnabas in Greek Street, Flight Recorder is described as a “functional sculpture” by Gaika. Open until December 2020. More info here.

A Brief History of Notting Hill Carnival 

Read Here

The Black Curriculum 

Make Black history mandatary across the entire national curriculum.
Read more about the campaign here.
Email template for Gavin Williamson (Secretary of State for Education) here
Email template for Shadow Secretary of State for Education here
Download their free learning resources here
Listen to their podcasts teaching Black History

Trailer for John Lewis Documentary:

Full movie available on click through. Watch here.
Socials here.

Short clips from Jane Elliot:

‘Being Black’ Watch here.
‘All White People Are Racist’: Watch here.

Discussing the definition of racism:

Why Black people can’t be racist. A thought provoking article discussing the definition of racism and reverse racism. Read here

An Essential Anti-Racism Reading List by Vogue:

Read here.

“You cannot enjoy the rhythm and ignore the blues” – Amanda Seales:

Listen back to Clara Amfo’s powerful speech on her BBC Radio 1 show.

‘We Must Teach Black History’ David Olusoga:

Britain can no longer ignore it’s darkest chapters. Read here.

Email your

Email your local MP in just a few clicks. Subjects:

Government solidarity with BLM movements,
Freezing riot gear sales from UK to US,
Justice for Belly Mujinga,
Justice for Shukri Abdi
& much more. Email here.


Set up by our residents Bossy LDN. Equipping the future generation with the right tools, support and information. Currently raising funds to build a community centre in Portland Jamaica. More info here.

Akala: History of Racism & structural racism in UK.

Akala joins conversation at 1m:40s. Watch here.

Huxley’s Resources

A brilliant list of educational materials and ways to help. Listen/watch/read here.

Black Lives Matters Card:

A list of petitions, educational resources, readings, charities, protester information, FAQ’s & more. Website here.

United Families & Friends:

Campaigning to highlight death in custody cases to help families of victims organise and work collectively. Their campaign includes demands for all UK police and police cars to have body/dash cams. Read & donate here. 

Finds your local MP and provides a template letter addressing your MP to support the BLM campaign, stop the sale of tear gas and rubber bullets from the UK to the US and open the investigation into Belly Mujinga’s death. Via Crack Magazine. Write to them here.

Black Lives Matter UK: 

Donate here.

Black Visions Collective:

Sign their petition telling MPs in Minneapolis to defund the police here.

The Black Guap Fund:

Providing financial support to black creatives in the UK. Find out more, donate & apply here.

Unicorn Riot’s

work is dedicated to exposing root causes of dynamic social and environmental issues through amplifying stories and exploring sustainable alternatives in today’s globalised world. (US). Donate here.

Black Minds Matter UK:

 Connecting black individuals and families with free professional mental health resources. Donate here.

Reclaim The Block:

is a coalition that advocates & invests in community-led safety initiatives in the Minneapolis neighbourhoods. Donate here.

George Floyd Memorial Fund:

is the official Gofundme to support the Floyd family. Donate here.

British education to teach about sytemic racism & white privilege:

Petition 1 
Petition 2
Petition 3


“Business as usual is costing Black Americans their lives. The NAACP has started a social movement and we need your voice to make one thing clear: We Are Done Dying. Join us, as we urge Congress to take every measure in ensuring we protect Black lives”. Support here.

BLMUK ITV News interview:

Watch here.

Bandcamp Friday (5th June):

Bandcamp, labels and artists are directing their Bandcamp revenue to BLM organisations. More info here.

Windrush Day 2020

For this entire week, The Black Cultural Archives are holding a series of online events and podcasts to ‘edutain’ you about Windrush, a significant part of British history. Check it out here.

Save Nour

Nour is the lifeblood of the beautiful Brixton community that we are so fortunately surrounded by. Closing Nour will have a tremendous knock-on-effect to local businesses and the culture of Briton. Nour is facing eviction and we must save it. We ask all our followers to support our neighbourhood and the Save Nour Campaign. Sign the petition & donate here. UPDATE: NOUR HAS BEEN SAVED!

Recommended Socials:

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