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Fri 18 Aug
DJ Sotofett & DJ Fett Burger

DJ Sotofett & DJ Fett Burger

21:30 - 04:00

It is common for the most obscure and outlandish tracks to the be focal point of any DJ set and Sotofett and Fettburger are masters of the unusual. As brother and founders of the Sex Tag Mania imprint, the pair are responsible for a slur of acclaimed releases, spanning house, techno, disco, afro funk, dub-reggae and everything else in between. Both are renowned for their ability to accommodate wild and abstract selections into the context of the dance floor and it has made them two of the most exciting DJ’s on the circuit. It’s a pleasure to welcome them to the booth…

Doors for the bar open from 9:30pm, DJ starts at 10pm.

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