The Club

We welcome a community of like-minded clubbers who want to share a great experience week in, week out – we hope you’ll feel at home.

Fridays & Saturdays

Our Friday night programme sees one DJ host our esteemed ‘4 Fridays at Phonox’ series, as they programme 4 nights across a month (or longer) with hand picked special guests and all night long DJ sets.

Our Saturday night schedule is about simplicity: one dance floor, one great soundsystem (Funktion One) and DJs playing all night, or extended sets supported by hand picked special guests, each week.

Keep an eye out for our in-house mantra.sw9 parties. These nights are special nights.

A few rules for our club

We’ve set some guidelines for ourselves, members and others to make sure Phonox is the club we all want it to be…

  • Enjoy the party; please avoid using phones or cameras to take photos: our dance floor’s for dancing. We want to create the best atmosphere possible on the dancefloor, and cameras can be distracting for the other guests. Please respect the artists, the club and the experience of your fellow guests, and refrain from taking photos and videos in the club.
  • We encourage respect and discretion across our dance floor; be nice to those around you.
  • Everyone is welcome at Phonox. We have a zero tolerance policy towards all harassment and prejudice. If you are made to feel uncomfortable in any way, please do not hesitate to speak to any member of staff and we will help immediately. All staff are trained in safety and awareness including Ask For Angela.
  • Any unattended drinks will be immediately discarded throughout the night.
  • We will be providing cups with covers, pierceable only by a straw, on request.
  • Please do not purchase tickets through social media, we are unable to help with anyone who has been scammed. If you wish to resell your ticket, please use RA resale.
  • Phonox is 18+. Please bring valid photo ID.
  • Please always look after yourselves and each other.