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Sat 20 Apr
Arthi, Rosa Pistola, Laelo Black, Bushbby (4 Saturdays at Phonox)

Arthi, Rosa Pistola, Laelo Black, Bushbby (4 Saturdays at Phonox)

21:30 - 04:00

Orchestrated by dancers for dancers, this is not just a DJ residency. This is a convergence where music and dance collide, fuelled by unparalleled energy that only Arthi can unleash…

These are not just 4 nights at a club – these are 4 experiences (across every Saturday in April) where the dancing comes before anything else! Arthi, a professional dancer herself, is acutely tuned in to what it takes to create the most immersive dance experience possible. Genre-bending sounds running up and down tempos to keep you on your toes, dipping between reggaeton, UKG, UK Funky, Baile Funk and more, where unfiltered bangers run the roost on London’s best soundsystem (under the world’s best lighting).

Supported on the decks by Arthi’s hand picked selection of special guest selectors, we are expecting explosive performances, big surprises and an uncontainable full-bodied atmosphere unlike any club night you’ve seen before.

Brace yourself and prepare to sweat – we are coming in hot this April.

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