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Sat 05 Oct
Mantra x Highsnobiety Soundsystem

Mantra x Highsnobiety Soundsystem

21:00 - 03:00

Mantra is our new weekly Saturday night. Skinny Macho, Tommy Gold and Bossy London will play on rotation, every week.

From running their own labels to hosting radio shows, panels and parties across the globe, our residents have helped pioneer a very current and exciting scene built around hip hop, arts and fashion.

Co-presenters of the Mantra series, Highsnobiety, roll through with their Soundsystem and guests including Octavian’s producer and Essie Gang staple, J Rick, and the riotous Pxssy Palace.

There will also be a very special guest appearance from one UK’s biggest artists, who will be joining us after just releasing one of the most highly anticipated albums of the summer.

Doors for the bar open from 9:00pm, DJ starts at 9:30pm.

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